Photo: Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire

Indiana head coach Mike Woodson thanked Hoosier nation/discussed IU and UNC’s history following last night’s 77-65 home victory vs. the North Carolina Tar Heels.

(via Inside the Hall):

Reporter: “Two historic programs, how nice was it to get this win for your fan base? I’m sure they had this game circled to start the season.”

Woodson: “I think it’s great for our fans. I want to thank the fans who slept overnight outside in the cold and rain just to be here today. Boy, that means a great deal to our players and this program. Our fan base is phenomenal. To have two franchises, if you want to call it, storied colleges, institutions, that have been great in basketball for many years clash like this. Hell, I didn’t get a chance to play in Carolina. I was in the bed having back surgery the one year we played them, my senior year. Then we were able to beat them in ’81 for the title. It’s always been a battle with this team. They beat us, as a matter of fact, in 1980 here. To return the favor, beat a team that’s well-coached, means a great deal to our program.”