Two-time NBA champion Kenny Smith does not think that Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole was a big deal. According to him, scuffles like that are common in the league.

“It happens at least twice a year on each team…,” Smith told TMZ. “He did not knock him out… That is very common… That behaviour is not common in normal society, without question. However, that behaviour happens a lot in sports because of the physicality, the adrenaline, and all those things. Happens a lot.

He also admitted that he expected the incident to be worse before the video was released. Smith pointed out that the assistant coaches were not jumping.

“I thought it was going to be worse when I saw the video. I was like ‘Oh they just got into a scuffle.’ I was like ‘Okay.’ It’s a scuffle like brothers in a room getting upset… I won two championships with like five guys who fought… Look at the video again, the assistant coaches they were like it’s not crazy. It was uncomfortable.”