Photo: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

After turning heads around with an unexpected offensive move he committed on Sunday against the Toronto Raptors, Andre Drummond made it known that he is seriously adding a three-point shooting in his arsenal ever since.

“Every summer I would just go at it,” Drummond told NBC Sports’ Rob Schaefer. “There are videos that are out of me shooting them. I would never take them in a game. But it’s more so just working in the dark when nobody’s watching and being able to be prepared for those moments when it does come.”

Drummond, who has a career 13.2 percent efficiency from the distance on 114 total attempts, casually knocked down three-of-three long bombs against the Raptors.

His shooting stroke, combined by that sheer confidence in his form, drew praise and attention from the fans, given that he grew up in the league as more of a traditional center and a rebounding machine.

His ability to now stretch the floor is something that didn’t come across the minds of everyone, and Drummond now enjoys something which can help the Chicago Bulls tremendously on their offensive end moving forward.

“It’s something that I spoke to the coaching staff in the summertime when I signed here, that it’s something that I’ve worked on, that I want to be able to stay on the floor, and I want to be able to add different facets to my game to be able to help this team win,” Drummond said. “And if I’m able to make that corner 3 when I’m wide open, it adds another element to our team.”

As such, the veteran big man can only hand acknowledgement and thankfulness to head coach Billy Donovan and his teammates for encouraging him to utilize more what’s in his bag.

“Everybody was happy,” Drummond said. “It wasn’t more so celebration, it was more so, ‘Alright, he’s shooting with confidence, so let’s see where it goes from here.'”