For Kelly Olynyk, his transfer to the Utah Jazz is nothing but a surprise coming from his part. But the fact that he’ll be reunited with lead executive Danny Ainge, and will see a familiar position back in his rookie year as a Boston Celtic, the newest saga he is about to enter is exciting as it is.

“It’s crazy because when I got drafted by Boston, we were almost in the exact same situation with Danny that they’re in here right now,” Olynyk told Eric Walden of The Salt Lake Tribune. “You have some older guys with experience, you have some young guys, you got a bunch of draft picks coming in for the next few years, and you’re just trying to get better every single day, whatever that is.

Olynyk sees parallelism between his current scenario and his rookie year with the Celtics. Ainge, who was Boston’s President of Basketball Operations that time, traded to acquire him to become a young piece of their looming rebuild.

This time, the big man will serve as a veteran surrounded by up and coming guys of the franchise.

“And in Boston, we had a young first-year coach in Brad (Stevens), and now we have a first-time, young head coach in Will (Hardy). And I think it’s going to be great for us — everybody’s going to be pulling the rope in the same direction. And that’s how you move things.”

With Saben Lee, Olynyk arrived in Salt Lake City, wherein the Pistons received wingman Bojan Bogdanovic in return.

Being a rebuilding piece in several times of his career, his new situation in the Jazz stands familiar and can only be dwelled on as easy as it is.