When it came to the Lakers in the media, this offseason was mainly about the Russell Westbrook trade rumors. Reportedly, the team wanted to offload the former NBA MVP, but was unable to make a deal.

During the media day Westbrook was asked directly whether he thinks that the Lakers want him on the roster. “Whether they want me here or not, it doesn’t really matter, honestly,” Russ said.

“My job is to be professional, show up to work like I’ve always done thus far, do my job the best way I know how to and that’s it. We all have jobs that sometimes people at our jobs don’t like us or don’t want us there as you guys probably can attest to in any other job across the world.

“As a professional, as a working man I have to do my job and do it the best way I know how to be able to support and take of my family and that’s what I would do.”