This offseason the 76ers added free agent P.J. Tucker on a three-year deal. The veteran forward will turn 40 at the end of his new deal.

Philadelphia’s general manager Daryl Morey is familiar with Tucker who spent four years with the Rockets when Morey was an executive there.

Despite the fact that Tucker is late in his career, the Sixers’ GM is confident he will be a valuable asset for his team.

Via Noah Levick of NBC Sports:

“P.J. Tucker, if you look at players similar to him, (he) should’ve been out of the league four years ago,” Morey said. “Almost no one who plays the type of game he plays is still playing at 37. So we’re already in this space of nobody knows. We’re obviously trying to win now. I’m not as worried about 40. I think I would never bet against P.J. Tucker. Anyone who’s ever bet against him has been wrong, and he keeps winning. So I don’t know what he’s going to be at 40. P.J., he knows he’s going to be great at 40; I know he believes it. I think everyone else doesn’t know, but we feel good.”