Strains add flavor and effects to your products. And if you have used cannabis for a long time, you will know how valuable good strains are. Trying out new strains provides different effects and enhances your experience. You can find a variety of strains from different companies and not only companies; many celebrities have launched their own cannabis strains that you can try out.

What are Strains?

Cannabis Strains are different breeds of cannabis. Breeders tend to breed flowers from different places or sources, resulting in a new flower, known as strain. According to cannabis review platforms like Hempercamp, each strain provides different effects and tastes. You may choose a strain according to your preference. There are 3 basic categories of strains-

·        Sativa- Provides Energizing effects.

·        Indica- Provides Relaxing effects.

·        Hybrid- it is a combination of both Sativa and Indica and provides dual effects.

Top strains introduced by celebrities-

Many celebrities have shown their love for cannabis by introducing their brands and serving a wide variety of products. Not only celebrities, but basketball players also love weed. We have compiled a list of some of the best strains from celebrities that you should try-

1.       Doggy Bagg by Snoop Dogg-

Snoop Dogg can be declared the official ambassador of weed. The product line was first launched in 2015 in Colorado. After this, Snoop also collaborated with Cali Native Cannabis Brand Cookies.

Although Snoop has his own brand, the products from his collaboration with Cookies have received more love from consumers. The strain was originally bred by Grandiflora and provides a delightful experience. It has an aroma of fruity candy and earthy gas. The flavor resembles rainbow candy and sweet gas. The strain provides a strong head high and a mellow feel. Try out these wonderful strains from a dispensary near you.

Also, you can find other products as well- from Leafs, they serve a variety of strains such as Indica dominant- Bananas, Northern Lights, Moonbeam, Cali Kush, and Pushpa bush. The Sativa dominant options include- Lemon Pie, Blueberry Dreams, Tangerine Man, and 3D CBD.

2.      House Plant by Seth Rogen-

Once you smoke this, you would realize that Seth is not only good at comedy. He is a great example for both stoners and comedians. The product was first introduced in Canada in 2018 and officially came to California in March 2021.

The brand offers a total of 3 strains. Two of which are Sativa-dominated- Diablo Wind and Pancake Ice. And an Indica strain- Pink Moon. The strain Pancake Ice has a flavor similar to that of blue cheese, pepper, and ammonia. The other indicia-dominated strain, Pink Moon has a flavor resembling that of orange and citrus, also it has a strong lavender scent to it.

The products are packed in sleek, stackable tins. The brand is also planning to increase its offerings in the United States, so you can expect better products.

3.      Cookies by Berner

With over 16 albums and several on billboards, Berner has achieved quite a satisfactory level in his music career. Although he has achieved more with his cannabis brand. The brand was founded in 2010 and is called Cookies and Lemonade. It is quite popular in legal states across the country.

The product is a super potent Sativa-dominant strain. It is a special variety of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). The taste and smell are similar to that of GSC. You can expect Vanilla flavor and a kushy aroma. Users have reported that the strain is a bit creepy, meaning the high will come on slowly. Also, the experience can be described as creative, mellow, and talkative. And, one of the important things to remember is a small dose also would go a long way, so it would be best to take it slow. 

4.      Khalifa Kush by Wiz Khalifa

If you have ever wondered which kind of weed Wiz Khalifa smokes, then here is your answer it is Khalifa Kush. The weed was bred in 2010 to meet the personal preference of the rapper. The origin of the strain is still a secret and is believed to be derived from an unknown OG strain.

For the first few years, the weed was kept private by Wiz Khalifa. But the rapper himself knew that quality weed should be shared with everyone out there. Thus, the strain debuted in the year 2016, with the name Khalifa Kush. With this product, Wiz entered the market, and now they serve a variety of products such as flowers, pre-rolls, and even edibles.

The flavor of this strain is similar to that of OG Kush- Lemon, Pine, and Pungent. Also, it provides an energizing effect and an active cerebral buzz, ideal to start your day with.

5.      Chong’s Choice by Tommy Chong-

Tommy can be called an advocate of cannabis. This brand debuted in the early days of medical cannabis legalization and was one of the first celebrities to do so. The brand is widely enjoyed all across the United States.

Tommy’s approach and advocacy for cannabis never changed. But the quality of his product did. It grew and evolved better with time. The brand now offers modern products such as elixirs, extracts, and infused honey, alongside old-time classics such as pre-roll and flowers.

They serve a variety of strains such as L.A Amnesia – a Sativa dominant strain that combines the genetics of the world-famous California Kush with the fruity Dutch strain and Amnesia Haze, resulting in a potent experience. They also serve other strains such as Blue Kush Berry (Indica dominant), Auto Kong 4 (Auto flower), and Mendocino Skunk (Hybrid).

6.      Tyson Ranch from Mike Tyson

You must have heard about this undisputed boxing champion, and if you haven’t then you are probably too young for weed. Tyson started in the weed business in 2016 with Tyson Holistic Holdings. Two years later, he introduced a variety of cannabis products, such as Cannabis-infused beverages.

Tyson Ranch has a variety of products to offer you. One of the strains is known as Tyson or Mike Tyson OG. The Indica dominant strain is similar to Mike Tyson and would give you a powerful Knock-Out. The strain has a pungent pear flavor. It also has a strong diesel aroma.Although this is a good strain, it is not recommended for first-time users and should only be consumed by Indica connoisseurs. Also, if you are a fighter like Mike Tyson, then you can read about how to take CBD for muscle soreness and workout recovery.