This offseason the Knicks did not make any blockbuster trades that some people expected them to make. One of their targets Kevin Duran remained with the Nets and the more likely target Donovan Mitchell was traded to the Cavaliers.

Former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy who coached the Knicks for five years thinks that while the team’s roster is not bad as such, the competition in the Eastern Conference is significantly better.

He ranks New York among the 8-13 teams in the East. Making the playoffs would be a big accomplishment to the Knicks, according to Van Gundy.

Via Marc Berman of New York Post:

“The Knicks have good players, but you line it up against the competition in the East, and this roster is not on the same level,” Van Gundy told The Post in a phone interview from his Houston home. “They could shock the world and be a playoff team, but I look at the East and I’d have to say eight to 13 is where they should be predicted. They’re not even close to a lock for the play-in. A lot has to go right.”