Photo: Los Angeles Clippers/Twitter

Last year was a tough one for John Wall as he sat out the whole season despite being contracted to the Rockets. He will try to get his career back on track with the Clippers this coming season.

Wall’s former teammate on the Wizards – Marcin Gortat – recalls how good the point guard was and wants to see him get back to that level again.

It appears that the five-time NBA All-Star is very motivated to prove he belongs among the elite players in the league. In a video from an exhibition game this summer Wall is seen announcing his return.

Via Ethan Thomas of BasketballNews:

“I couldn’t agree with you more! I wanna see John demolish every other point guard in the league. Just go on a tear. I remember seeing him battle every game — Kyrie Irving, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul — and people forget how good he was, how fast he was end to end, how explosive he was. John was special, and I want to see him get back to that. But more importantly, I want him to heal because he has literally gone through hell over these last years.”