Yesterday the NBA announced its Covid protocols for the 2022-2023. Among the rules that will be applied next season is a weekly mandatory testing of unvaccinated players.

Sports analyst Clay Travis slammed the protocols as a ‘nonsensical and idiotic virtue signalling,’ pointing out that the vaccine does not stop a person from getting or spreading the virus.

“The NBA is preparing for its players to return to training camp and just when I started to praise them for recognizing that Covid is no longer an existential threat to the league, do you know what they are doing?” he began his rant.

“They’re demanding that unvaxxed players be tested weekly for Covid. They’re not requiring the same test for Covid shot participants. Why? We know that the Covid shot doesn’t keep you from getting Covid or stop you from spreading Covid. Why would there still be a discriminatory testing policy in place at all?

“Frankly, why do you need to test anyone for Covid? Do they test for the flu in the NBA? Players are not in danger, players families are not in danger if they are young and healthy. If they aren’t, they can make decision about what to do and not to do. We got to stop this crazy Covid nonsense. We got to stop all of the insanity.”