Photo: BYU

The New York Knicks have entered another talking stage with the Utah Jazz about Donovan Mitchell, but hesitancy remains afloat on their part.

As noted by New York Post’s Marc Berman, the Knicks are wary of handing out tons of their future assets just to acquire Mitchell. They were also turned off on lead executive Danny Ainge’s steep demands of seven first-round picks and several players to let go off the All-star guard last month.

As such, both teams are engaging back-and-forth, but no deal is materializing yet.

Per Berman, though the Knicks’ front office believes that a potential acquisition of Mitchell can land them to 10 more wins – which may take them to 47-win season and a second-round postseason threat – they are still reluctant to give up a boatload of future draft picks, as it will hinder them to develop beyond that trajectory.

The Knicks failed to nail a playoff return last season, but the addition of Jalen Brunson could secure more victories and better contention in the deeping Eastern Conference.

But the fact that the Jazz are stuck on their terms in Mitchell, it would be hard for them to pull off a potential trade and additional modification. It is truly a subject for contemplation for the franchise brass, considering that the hometown kid isn’t there yet in the superstardom ceiling of the NBA, and sacrificing that kind of resources will be risky on paper.

While it is still calm for both sides, it may take until the upcoming season for both teams to either agree on their conditions or not. As an explosive backcourt piece, Mitchell is a prized cager, and murmurs will still persist moving forward.