Kevin Durant Blake Griffin Nets
Photo: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Kevin Durant made his trade request almost two months ago, but no deal has been made thus far. It has been reported that the Nets have a very high asking price which pushes away potential bidders for the two-time NBA champion.

According to NBA insider Brian Windhorst, Brooklyn wants to keep Durant on the team and hopes that he will change his mind before the season begins.

He also says that other teams think that the Nets are seriously trying to trade KD based on their asking price and how they are conducting trade talks.

“I think the Nets want to run this team back and they’re hoping Kevin Durant agrees. The way they’re conducting trade talks and the prices they are asking has teams out there thinking they don’t really want to trade KD anyway. We’ll see if KD goes along with that in camp,” Windhorst said, per NBA Retweet on Twitter.