Earlier this summer Steph Curry led the Warriors to the franchise’s 7th championship and the 4th title for himself. The Dubs faced the Celtics in the Finals.

It took six games to determine the winner of the series. Game 6 was played in Boston, but it was Golden State that came on top. After trailing by double digits early in the first quarter, Steve Kerr’s team rallied 21-0 in response and were in control of the game from then on.

Curry recalled the Game 6 and the build up to his team’s victory. According to the four-time NBA champion, the Warriors came out after half time determined to close out the series and they continued to increase their lead.

That is when he relaxed and did the “ring on the finger” celebration followed by the world-famous “Night, Night” celebration.

Via Nick DePaula of Boardroom:

It felt the best. The way that game went, it was an emotional rollercoaster. They came out just hitting every shot, and they were up double digits in the first four minutes. We slowly just crept back and then went on that 21-nothing run. When we came out in the third quarter, everyone was feeling it. Let’s just step on their throats, right now.

We came out hot and got the lead up crazy. I went wilin’ out, with the “ring on the finger” celebration, really early in the third quarter. [Laughs]