Kevin Durant
Photo: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

While the Brooklyn Nets are continuing to handle the ongoing trade situation with Kevin Durant with utmost patience, there’s still flashes of optimism on their part that the future hall of famer will reconsider his decision to part ways. 

In the segment of NBA Today on Tuesday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has reported that besides fielding offers from the previous days, the Nets have also engaged themselves with Durant to find a possible resolution and convince him to remain in Brooklyn.

It was notable that both Durant and Nets owner Joe Tsai had a meeting last week to discuss their future, wherein the two-time Finals MVP made it clear that he isn’t convinced on the club’s direction moving forward. 

“What’s kind of developed over those 47 days is we now kind of have two different negotiations,” said Windhorst, vis RealGM. “One, of course, is with all those teams interested in Kevin Durant and the Nets. We just haven’t seen significant traction with any of those deals. The Nets’ asking price is very high. Their leverage for getting those teams who are interested in offering so much just hasn’t materialized.

“The other negotiation that is now developing is between Durant and the Nets. That separate negotiation about what it would like for him to come back. That’s what a big part of the discussion he had with owner Joe Tsai in London about 10, 11 days ago was. Joe Tsai and the Nets believe they have a really good team. They don’t believe they have a good trade for Kevin Durant. They want him to consider coming back. But Durant has very clearly made it known he doesn’t want to play for the Nets under the current situation with the current coach and current GM.

“You have to ask yourself, what is the avenue? What is the path for Kevin Durant to move forward with the Nets? Because he’s been told on trade. He’s been told no on firing Steve Nash. He’s been told no on firing Sean Marks. So where do we go from here?”

There’s no substantial movement happening yet on the side of the Nets, given the fact that they are still clinging to their historical demands in order to let go of Durant, who is considered one of the greatest players of all time. Rumored interested teams weren’t able to meet the asking price, and it remains uncertain if a trade centered around him will soon materialize. 

As what Tsai has posted in Twitter, he remains committed with Marks and Nash. But it’ll take a daunting decision to pivot towards granting Durant’s request. It’ll be a risky one also considering the looming free agency status of Kyrie Irving, as well as the loss of their defensive ace in Bruce Brown. They have the pieces to contend, but a championship stands far considering the drama that this offseason produced and the holes that they are yet to address. 

For the following days to come, murmurs will still continue about both Brooklyn and Durant. With training camp and new season getting nearer, things are getting more interesting on their part.