The Hawks made a big move this offseason by trading for the Spurs star Dejounte Murray. This past season the 25-year-old point guard became an NBA All-Star for the first time in his career.

In Atlanta he will team up with another star point guard in Trae Young. The two players are tend to have the ball in the hands a lot which raises a natural question on whether they can fit on the same team.

Hawks general manager Landry Fields is confident that the team’s head coach Nate McMillan will find a way to make Murray and Young work together on the court.

He expects both players to have their roles changed compared to how they played last year in order for that to be achieved.

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“That’s something we didn’t have last year. So, coach Nate [McMillan] and his staff are going to be creative to make that work. We bet on the character makeup of Trae and Dejounte. Both of those guys want to win, and will do what it takes to win. They need that because their roles will be a lot different than they were last year, from both respective teams. As long as they’re able to do what it takes, Coach [McMillan] then comes in and is able to get creative with how they’ll operate. From a front-office standpoint, we’ll determine if we need to inject more here, here or here. Hopefully, all three of those are working at the same time.”