Photo: Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

One of the most notable sets of brothers suiting up in the NBA, both Steph and Seth Curry are making their names as deadly sharpshooters in their very own respective roles.

But for the younger Curry, having an opportunity to team up with his older brother seems unrealistic in his vision.

Joining Golden State Warriors insider Monte Poole of the “Dubs Talk” show, Seth revealed that he doesn’t envision sharing the court with Steph, further noting that he “enjoy kind of being away from him.”

“I’ve thought about it as people bring it up, but to me personally, I enjoy kind of being away from him, trying to create my own path and do my own thing,” Seth told about a potential Curry bros. teaming up in the NBA (credit to NBC Sports’ Angelina Martin).

Seth already noted in 2019 that he prefers to face Steph rather than being on his side in a basketball team.

The two became teammates together in the Warriors for six preseason games in 2013, but it ended when the club decided to cut the undrafted Seth in their rotation. Since then, the younger Curry bounced off from various organizations until finding a key position as a reliable knockdown shooter – now with the Brooklyn Nets.

Meanwhile, Stephen found relative success as the core foundation of the Dubs, winning back-to-back MVPs and four league titles with them while revolutionizing the whole concept of the game of basketball today.

As such, Seth acknowledges that the future is clearly unpredictable, but he much prefers to battle it out against his older sibling.

“You never know what the future holds,” Seth added. “I wouldn’t be against it, but it’s definitely not my preferred choice to be on the same team as him definitely right now. I also like competing against him and trying to beat the best.”