Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After the self-anointed king of basketball, LeBron James, accused the Boston Celtics fans of being “racist as fu*k,” retired NBA player-turned-ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins, a former Celtic, came to the defense of his former fanbase, via OutKick:

“There’s racism everywhere,” Perkins said via ESPN’s First Take. “… I spent eight and a half years there, and maybe (it’s) because I was on the Celtics, (but) I didn’t experience racism.”

Perkins pointed out the hypocrisy of LeBron James who continues to hold an ownership stake in the Boston Red Sox:

“Why would you even want to address or have ownership into an organization that you would consider a city of being racist,” asked Perkins. “That’s my question to LeBron James. Like, you own a percentage of the Boston Red Sox.”