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Basketball is a popular sport. Some websites write that more money is spent at the betting shops only on football, but this is not accurate. However, you should find out why it is profitable to bet on basketball. The truth is it’s better to find the best gambling and betting platform to claim no deposit bonus casino to save our money on first bets.

The advantage of basketball over other sports is the availability of detailed statistics. If in football, in addition to shots on goal, the accuracy of passes and possession of the ball, they may not pay attention to the number of tackles, the distance of passes and other indicators, then in basketball such nuances are considered the norm.

The official NBA website maintains detailed statistics for each team and each specific match, not to mention other services that visualize this information in heat maps or collect other details. If someone feels like a statistical geek, he loves basketball betting.

The advantages of betting on basketball

For those who are new to betting, this sport is suitable for many reasons. A few key advantages are worth highlighting:

  • A wide range of events. You can bet on basketball literally around the clock. Bookmakers take bets on Asian, Australian, European, North and South American leagues. Dozens of matches on the line every day.
  • A detailed spreadsheet on totals and handicaps. No need to bet on a winner. Analyze performance stats and look for winning odds in those markets;
  • Variety of strategies. There are many betting schemes for basketball related to the peculiarities of the rules of the game. For example, four quarters, for each of which a separate roster is given in live betting.
  • Statistical information on the clubs and individual performers. Ahead of any match you can easily find the data you need to analyze.

And most importantly: basketball is an exciting game. And if you are a true fan, betting will add a drive and emotion to watching matches. If you are interested in betting and gambling, it’s better to find out all the tips for beginners before gambling online.

What tournaments to bet on

The obvious choice in this case is the NBA, which attracts basketball fans from all over the world. Other interesting options are as follows:

  • Australian, Japanese, South Korean and Chinese championships (here too, quarters last 12 minutes, as in the NBA);
  • men’s and women’s championships;
  • Euroleague (men’s and women’s), other Eurocup tournaments;
  • European national championships (Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, etc.);
  • European, world and other international championships.

There is a wide range of tournaments daily. But most basketball fans expect a super show from the NBA stars every day.

The point of basketball is not in some special seasonality, but in the regularity of matches, for example: one team can play from two to four games a week. Given that she won’t play herself, her opponents also have a similar schedule — and the result is a network of a huge number of regular matches.