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Daily Gossip, Wednesday 1/4/15

Who really coaches the Cleveland Cavaliers? David Blatt or LeBron James? Once you read the opening story, you decide.


Every team needs a stern and intelligent coach, a nerd of the game who knows some plays that most can’t even dream about.

And you need players who understand them and run them like it was second nature to them.

And then you players like LeBron James who break that mould.

Via FOX Sports:

During an appearance on Bill Simmons’ latest podcast, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst shed some more light on the bizarre dynamic the Cavs have going on with their bench. According to Windhorst, LeBron calls the plays most of the time and Blatt is his echo.

“The Princeton offense that David Blatt installed in the preseason, they just threw that out,” Windhorst said, as transcribed by Deadspin’s Tom Ley. “What typically happens — and this has been happening for, like, three months now — is LeBron will take the ball, and LeBron will call the play. David Blatt will see what play LeBron calls, and he will repeat it to the team. That happens on a regular basis.”

That is certainly consistent with what we have seen and heard all year long. LeBron, who once offered this very half-hearted endorsement of Blatt, literally took over the role of point guard earlier this season without consulting the head coach. Windhorst said James and most of the other Cavs players look toward assistant coach Tyronn Lue more than Blatt.

Need more proof? What about when James shoved Blatt away when the first year NBA coach questioned a call that went against the Cavs to the referees in a loss to the Phoenix Suns

(FYI: To the male readers about to watch this video: You’re welcome).



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