Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez/San Francisco Chronicle

New Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown discussed what makes Steph Curry so special following the Golden State Warriors’ Game 4 win vs. the Memphis Grizzlies.

(Via Let’s Go Warriors):

“The great part about Steph, he’s got to be the easiest superstar to be around. I hate to say, I don’t know if he has a great memory, which is fantastic. You need that in his position, because he missed shots that he can make in his sleep. And so because he doesn’t think about it or think about the past or dwell on it too hard, he always thinks that the next thing is going to happen in a positive manner for him. Whether it’s a made shot, or the right pass for an assist, or him cutting backdoor at the right time to score a bucket. He’s always that confident because he thinks next play all the time. 

“And so I didn’t say anything to him because just being around him, I know that he’s always thinking about, how can he help the team next, how can he help the team next, and that’s what it was tonight. He got free on a pindown and knocked down a big three for us late. And obviously right place, right time in terms of the box out, gets fouled, goes to the free throw line and knocks six, eight, whatever it is, free throws down in a row. So he’ll always be there in my opinion.”