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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s played at many levels across the globe, from youngsters shooting hoops in their local park as the hours speed past to the professionals plying their trade at the highest level. The best-loved basketball competition has always been the National Basketball League, and the tournament boasting the best teams in the United States of America continues to go from strength to strength. This season has been the most-watched and the most bet-on we have ever seen.

The spike in viewing figures and wagers placed on the outcome of matches at the top NBA betting apps can be explained by an improvement in the live streaming apps available to smartphone users. The reason for the increase in bets is down to the relaxation of gambling rules in the United States and Canada, which are added to the huge number of gambles places across Europe. Millions more basketball fans are watching and betting on the NBA this season than they were last. What’s more, that trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s gathering pace.

Basketball is a sport that lends itself perfectly to the gambling industry. That’s because the matches are fast and furious, with plenty of points scored. Most teams are competitively matched, and the majority of games shown live on TV every day are end to end. If you have never tried placing a bet on basketball, either pre-match or in-play, that’s something you should address as soon as possible because you are missing out. 

We have great news. It has never been easier to open an online betting account and gamble on the NBA, as this article explains. We have enlisted the help of a gambling industry insider who explains how you can create a betting account, grab a free bet and wager on the next round of matches or the winner of the season. Follow the advice contained in this article, and you will mature from an NBA newbie to a bettor who knows and understands how to get the best service available to you.


Before attempting to open an online betting account and gamble on the NBA, you must first check that gambling is legal in your region. It is permitted in a growing number of states, cities and countries, but gambling isn’t yet universal, so you must always check the rules. Even if betting is allowed in your home town, it may not be in an area you are visiting. Familiarise yourself with the latest laws regarding gambling and always follow them.

You are free to browse an online betting app, but if you intend on placing a bet, you must first register an account. This can be done in a matter of minutes, and you must complete the process only once. When signed up, you will create a username and password, which will be required each time you attempt to access your account from a desktop computer or smartphone. Log in to your account in seconds from anywhere. It’s fast, user-friendly and completely safe, protected by the latest online security measures.

Visit the homepage of the bookie you wish to join, then click to register. Fill in the form, providing all the necessary information, including your name, date of birth and address. Create a username and password. Your details will then be checked by a member of staff and, if everything is in order, your account will be available to use. It’s as easy as that.

Getting a free bet

The best bookies offer new customers what’s known as a welcome bonus. This is a reward for choosing one sportsbook over the mountains of competition. In most cases, the welcome bonus is a free bet that is equal in value to your first deposit and bet. For example, if you wager $50 on sports, you will receive at least a $50 free bet. Some bookies offer a 100% deposit matched bet, while others go up to 200%. 

Placing a bet

You are now ready to place your first bet, and it’s a breeze. Click the basketball tab on your betting account, then NBA. Select the match you wish to bet on and click the odds of the selection to add it to your bet slip. Decide a stake, and your bet is live.