The Heat became the second team to make it to the second round of the playoffs by winning Game 5 against the Hawks and closing the series 4-1.

Victor Oladipo, who spent the first three game of the series on the bench, was given a starting spot in absence of Jimmy Butler. The 29-year-old shooting guard stepped up to the occasion by scoring team-high 23 points.

After the game he talked about the difficulties that he has faced in his life and how he continues to run through obstacles. “We all human, we all get to that point. If you have it, you will at some point in your life,” Oladipo said.

“I’ve been fighting even before I was born. If you look at my story, if you look at how I got to this point, from highschool to college to now, I was always counted out.

“When God gave me this obstacle… I could’ve stopped, or I could have ran right through it. And I’m still running through it. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”