LeBron James Carmelo Anthony Lakers
Photo: Getty Images

LeBron James had season-high 56 points for the Lakers, helping his team end a four-game losing streak with a win over the Warriors.

The 37-year-old superstar said in a recently released episode of The Shop that he is pissed off that he is not included in conversations about the greatest scorers of all-time.

His teammate Carmelo Anthony was asked about LeBron’s comment after the Warriors game. “You can’t get everything,” Anthony laughed.

“I know the feeling. I can only imagine somebody who can be be the all-time leading scorer in the NBA history who don’t get the credit of being a scorer. But it is what it is. They got to talk about something. We all know he can score the ball.

“I think the difference is some people are pure scorers, some people just have a knack for scoring and know how to score, it just comes to them, the skillsets and things of that nature.

“And then you have players like LeBron who knows how to put the ball in the hole, who knows how to score the basketball. It’s totally different types of players, different dynamics.

“But to say that he’s not a scorer when he had thirty thousand points… who ever axed that question, needs to stoping axing.”