Photo: Andy Clayton-King/Associated Press

As ridiculous as he is, Patrick Beverley is truly a winner as one of the best role players in the league. With his tenacity and fearlessness on a nightly basis, he injects a winning culture whenever he goes — this time in a promising squad of Minnesota Timberwolves . 

And for that, his former coach and current member of the Philadelphia 76ers Doc Rivers has even more to provide. 

“Because he’s crazy as hell,” Rivers said about how Beverley keeps slaying for Ws, via T-Wolves insider Dane Moore. “He’s one of my favorite guys. He’s literally crazy, in a positive way… He’ll do some crazy things on the floor that’ll drive you nuts as a coach, and his answer is ‘I’m just tryin to win.'”

After a daunting road wherein he carved up his way to be a well-known cager in the league, Beverley certainly loves thriving and making a case for himself. His tough-nosed approach and mentorship helped Minnesota to be in a playoff position this season, currently seventh in the West with a 32-28 card. To further add, he earned a one-year, $13 million contract extension from the management earlier this month to reward his veteran presence and leadership. 

Beverley’s recklessness is a thing to be questioned as always, yet no one can deny his heart and dedication towards the game. 

The Timberwolves are set for a Friday cross conference showdown against the Philadelphia 76ers who got a star-studded duo of Joel Embiid and James Harden.