Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/Twitter

The Los Angeles Lakers went 2-4 on their recent road trip further complicating their position in the standings. In addition, they lost LeBron James with a knee injury.

Hall of Famer James Worthy, who won three championships as a Laker, described the road trip as disappointing because the purple and gold lost a couple of games that they could have won.

“The injury to LeBron was very difficult and frustrating given the fact that that’s what we’ve been experiencing all year long,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet.

“As soon as we thing we’re getting everybody back and getting ready to turn a corner, injuries. But nevertheless, the road trip was disappointing given the fact that they played hard enough and well enough to win a couple games.

“I thought the game in Charlotte and the game in Atlanta maybe they should have come away with victories after listening to AD in the postgame interview where he said that ‘We got to figure out how to close out games. We’re beating ourselves.’

“They’ve got to figure out a way to stop doing that, to take care of the ball and defend the last 3-4 minutes of the fourth quarter and make better decisions.”

The Lakers are now on a three-game losing streak. With 24 wins and 27 losses they find themselves in the 9th place in the Western Conference.