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David Fizdale talks about Russell Westbrook’s turnovers

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Russell Westbrook had 13 turnovers in total during the last two games for the Los Angeles Lakers, both of them were losses for his team.

The 33-year-old point guard leads the NBA in turnovers this season with 148. He is fifth among all-time turnovers leaders with 4,041. Above him are three league legends John Stockton, Moses Malone and Karl Malone and Westbrook’s teammate LeBron James (#1 with 4,664 career turnovers).

Lakers backup coach David Fizdale was asked to talk about Westbrook’s turnovers over the last couple of games. “He really was making strides and I think the circumstances over the last few games I think with so many people being in and out I think triggered in him that he had to save us,” he said.

“So some of his plays he was probably moving too fast or trying to press when things weren’t there. And again these are things that we just like I said we had a great film session, guys are very open and receptive. We just talked about connection things that how do we instead of this play what can we do within our offensive fundamentals to lead to a great shot for us.

“How do we use your talent that draws all of these players to make sure that that leads to a great shot for us? So that’s what the whole film session was about offensively. And again a lot of this stuff is connection. You think Talen’s been out for a few games he was playing great, comes back he’s struggling. IT just got added to the team, Trevor just got thrown in the mix and some of this is rhythm and connection and understanding when a guy is zigging he need to be zagging and those type of things.

“And so we saw that on the film it’s easy to look at the stat line and say ‘Oh Russ has 7 turnovers and it’s on Russ.’ But three or four of those are guys not getting to their spacing or not adjusting to how they’re supposed to adjust to as Russ attacks We own it as a team. That’s the fun part about being around this group is they don’t get caught up in the noise of the results. They’re more about ‘Can we keep getting better and and attacking the issues and coming up with solutions.’ And that’s what to day was all about.”

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