The 1998-1999 season Toronto Raptors jersey was designated as the ‘All-Time NBA Jersey as voted for by European fans and panelists in the second category of the NBA 75 Euro Vote among a selection of some of the most iconic jerseys in NBA history pre-selected by a blue-ribbon panel of European media, influencers and celebrities. Following a one-week voting period, the 1998-1999 season Toronto Raptors jersey obtained 18.8% of all votes, followed by the 1995-1996 season Chicago Bulls jersey (14.1%) The fan vote accounted for 50 percent of the results while the panel made up the other 50 percent.

See below the final voting breakdown

  1. 1998-1999 season Toronto Raptors jersey (18.8%)
  2. 1995-1996 season Chicago Bulls jersey (14.1%)
  3. 2000-2001 season Philadelphia 76ers jersey (12.8%).
  4. 1996-1997 season Los Angeles Lakers jersey (10.4%)
  5. 1985-1986 season Boston Celtics jersey (9.3%)  

The NBA 75 Euro Vote pays tribute to current and former European players who have inspired generations of basketball fans across the continent.  During the 2021-22 season, a blue-ribbon panel of European media, influencers and celebrities will join fans from Europe in voting for the 10 best European players of all-time who will make up the All-Time NBA European First and Second Teams.  Panelists and fans will vote from a list of players born or raised in Europe, from the early pioneers to current superstars. 

Additional voting will take place for the All-Time European NBA Moment (February 28 – March 7, 2022), and All-Time NBA European First and Second Teams (March 28 – April 10, 2022).  In the first voting category, the 1995-98 Chicago Bulls were named All-Time NBA Dynasty after obtaining 46% of the total votes (as voted for Nov. 22 – 30). Fans can vote at