Image courtesy: Associated Press

Current Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash is puzzled about the Robert Sarver scandal. 

The Valley great is ‘saddened and disappointed’ about the reports he is receiving with regards to the Phoenix Suns’ owner. As per Brian Lewis of New York Post, Nash said that he didn’t have a controversial experience with the businessman in his time with Phoenix. 

Nash didn’t deny his sadness about the criticisms, but admitted that he is very sensitive to those kinds of situations. 

ESPN issued a news report that Sarver has allegedly shown misogynistic and racist comments in his employees throughout the 17-year tenure as the owner of the Suns. The NBA announced last Wednesday that it will launch an investigation about the given matter. 

Nash became the established heart and soul of mid to late 2000s Phoenix Suns during his playing days, winning the league’s Most Valuable Player award in back-to-back seasons of 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.