The Denver Nuggets were defeated by the Memphis Grizzlies for the second time in a row. Just a couple of days ago, Ja Morant and Co. defeated Nikola Jokic’s team by 9 points. Last night, the Nuggets were closer to winning, but still lost (106-108).

Jokic had the chance to win the game for the visitors with a 11-footer, which did not go in and his team suffered their fourth loss of the season. Despite taking a difficult shot, the reigning NBA MVP was confident he will make it and says he would take that shot any time.

“I will take that shot any day,” Jokic said postgame. “I’m really comfortable taking that shot. I’m not doubting myself. It was a good shot.”

This season, Jokic is averaging 23.9 points, 13.7 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game for the Nuggets. Denver currently has four wins and four losses.