With the advent of the Internet, life began to change rapidly, and now it is impossible to imagine the world without the World Wide Web. Of course, a huge number of games have appeared, which have gained enormous popularity, leading to the emergence of such a hobby as virtual sports (cybersport). Games in completely different directions, from casino games such as 22Bet Casino, which you can play with 22Bet casino login and password, to high-quality video games. 

At the moment, cybersport has reached such a level of development that it is considered an independent sport: there are a huge number of varieties, regularly held competitions, and championships, the scale of which is truly amazing. 

How did the history of virtual basketball begin? How does it differ from a regular sport? There are many strategies for betting on virtual basketball, but which one really works? How do you make money on a regular basis? Here you will find the answers to all these questions.

History of Cyberbasketball

Oddly enough, cyber basketball is much less popular than, for example, cyber soccer or cyber hockey. Now the hobby of this virtual sport is just beginning to gain momentum, but there are already many professional leagues and rabid fans. In Russia, the decision to recognize cyber basketball as an official sport, made in February 2020, has contributed to this.

Cyber basketball (or interactive basketball) is a simulation of the usual basketball game, in which real players control model athletes. The only difference is that fans of virtual basketball do not have to deal with psychological pressure, injuries, flights, and other problems of fans of “classic” basketball. Cyber basketball attracts with its accessibility and unobtrusiveness since on average one game lasts only about 10 minutes.

What is interesting, it does not require the skills that are needed in the real game (dribbling, shooting, etc.), it is only important to understand the basic rules and know how to handle a joystick.

Cyberbasketball NBA

Originally there were two major basketball associations: the ABL (American Basketball League, later renamed BAA – Basketball Association of America) and the NBL (National Basketball League). The organizations considered each other rivals and tried not to cross paths, but on August 3, 1949, their owners met and decided to unite the leagues and create the NBA – the National Basketball Association, which is now the largest basketball association.

The NBA regularly organizes cyber basketball competitions with players from all over the world. Gamers play in teams and compete against each other. All the championships NBA holds on the Olympic system, that is, the loser immediately drops out and can not continue to participate in competitions. Winners of such tournaments receive impressive prize money.

The matches organized by the NBA are very popular with bookmakers, they offer a wide variety. People betting on such tournaments are advised to carefully study the statistics of each gamer (because it is their skill that determines the outcome of the tournament), and remember that the bet is not on the team as a whole, but on a particular player.

Cyberbasketball Cash Flow Betting Strategy

Strange as it may seem, but the meetings by no means take place in random order. The outcome of such a tournament depends directly on the number of bets on a particular player. So, for example, if the program detects a big difference in the number of bets on two teams, it is likely that the result will be in favor of the one that was bet less so that the bookmaker’s office will make more profit. Thus, if you know how things stand even before the game, you can earn good money. Unfortunately, such information is only available to the employees of betting shops and they have no right to divulge it.


Here are a few tips that will help you if not to earn money on cyberbasketball betting, then at least reduce the likelihood of losing.

  • Trying to analyze events is useless, only knowledge of probability theory and regular math will really help.
  • It is mandatory to communicate with the other players, so it will be much easier to calculate the possible results, to identify patterns.
  • It is important to remember that virtual basketball competitions are just a computer scenario, successfully presented under the guise of a real game;
  • The goal of betting companies is to earn as much as possible, so unsuccessful bets for them are a pleasant outcome of events, which should not be forgotten;
  • If you suddenly encounter a scenario that has been caught before, it is likely to be a bookmaker’s mistake, which will surely be noticed and corrected by closing the account and not paying out the winnings.
  • Of course, betting is a very unreliable way to earn, in fact, based on pure luck.