Frank Vogel, Anthony Davis Lakers
Photo: Mark J. Terrill/ Associated Press

Los Angeles Lakers star is one of the most versatile big men in the NBA. Because of that, he is being used in different positions — the five and the four. With the Lakers adding two pure centers this offseason in Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan, there are more options to utilise Davis on the court. The 28-year-old forward talked about how the game changes when he plays center vs when he plays power forward.

“I think when I’m at the four, we got another guy Dwight [Howard] or DJ [DeAndre Jordan] out there. Defensively it allows me to roam a little bit more,” Davis said. “So I can get the weak side blocks and weak side steals and things like that.

“When I’m at the five, I’m usually in the paint a lot or in a pick and roll so if guy’s coming off or he swings it and a guy driving, I’m not usually there to help as much. So that’s the main difference. Also it helps with our defense when I’m at the five where we can just switch everything and keep guys in front.

“When I’m not, then we got the other big so we don’t want to switch with and now we hit rotations. So that’s the thing that we’re looking at on the defensive end to try to figure out what helps us best.

“A couple of seasons ago we played big with JaVale [McGee] and Dwight [Howard] and the end of quarters, midway through quarters we switched to me at the five. That’s something we’re also looking at. So I think it’s going to take a couple of games just to see what’s most beneficial for our team and go from there.”