NBA Basketball betting
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The new basketball season is almost here, so it is the right time for fantasy sleepers selection. Are you contemplating participating in fantasy basketball due to lack of money? Worry no more as several online casinos offer their users a 500 casino bonus. With this, you can also select your fantasy sleepers for the new season and win big.

Are you still clueless about the word “sleeper”? A sleeper means a player who is expected to improve performance as the season progresses. It means that a sleeper is expected to surpass their average draft position (ADP). It is expected that superstars or top players in a team are picked as sleepers in fantasy basketball. But selecting underdogs in a team to perform well during the season can prove a jackpot in fantasy basketball. Likewise, taking the gamble on new prospects or untested players could prove to be a game-changer.

Selecting good fantasy sleepers can be very difficult. If you are experiencing such difficulty, worry no more as this article reviews good fantasy sleepers for the NBA 2021-2022 season to make it easy for you to pick from.

Below are some of the promising sleepers to look out for this coming season:

  •  Keldon Johnson (San Antonio Spurs),
  • Jordan Poole (Golden State Warriors),
  • Isaiah Stewart (Detroit Pistons),
  • Jalen Suggs (Orlando Magic),
  • Jalen Johnson (Atlanta Hawks).

Keldon Johnson (San Antonio Spurs)

Even though last year was a kind of breakout year for Keldon Johnson, this coming season looks promising for the great lad. Although he was scarcely used last season, the San Antonio starlet could wrap up great numbers and improve his game. Keldon was able to average 28 minutes per game in his second NBA season. If things work well for him, he should stand at least a second option to Derrick White to score the bulk of the points for the San Antonio Spurs.

It is possible due to the departure of two of his teammates, LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan, who play in a similar position. Without an injury in the upcoming season, Keldon could have an up-and-coming season ahead of him. If you asked me, I would tell you he would be a fantasy sleeper breakout to look out for this new season, considering that he is in a good spot as he is only close to his 22nd birthday in October.

Jordan Poole (Golden State Warriors)

He is very good with late-round steals. Jordan could be the sixth man of the year for the upcoming season; after enjoying outstanding performance towards the final months of last season. With his ability to score, you can be sure of Jordan providing a range of 15-20 points in each game. With this quality, you will not want to exclude Jordan Poole from your fantasy sleeper selection for the 2021-2022 season.

Jordan Poole is regarded as the hardest working player on the Golden State Warriors team. It is due to his ever relentless attitude to the gym, which boosts his confidence while playing. Jordan’s development is of no surprise as he clings himself around veterans in the game. In addition, he showcased some of the skills he learnt in the final months of last season, especially the re-location off-ball movement.

He is very keen on improving and developing himself, and this attitude made him the first man off the bench for the Golden State Warriors last season. Just like Jordan Clarkson, Jordan Poole is an aggressive high-volume shooter and gets buckets quickly. This quality helped him as he won NBA the sixth man of the Year award. The odds favour the Golden State Warriors as they have the second-highest odds of winning the championship this coming season.

In cases when superstars like Klay Alexander Thompson rest in games, Jordan Poole can be provided with the opportunity to help the team during meaningful minutes of play.

Isaiah Stewart (Detroit Pistons)

If you are looking for a very efficient player when given enough time to play, you have to consider Isaiah Stewart. The Detroit Pistons’ player would help turn his minutes of playing to money for you when you select him as your fantasy basketballer for the new season. Stewart is expected to play an average of 27-32 minutes in the upcoming season. It is also noteworthy that he averaged 13.3 points and 11.2 rebounds in his rookie season at just 20 years old.

Considering he could wrap up those stats per 36 minutes of play while primarily coming off the bench. Stewart is also excellent in defence due to his physique as he has a big body and can make good runs. Last season, the Detroit Pistons used Stewart as a sneak peek in seven games as a starter, and he did well in the block and steals category, wrapping up great numbers. With his remarkable potential, Stewart is expected to make a breakout season. In addition, the coming of Cade Cunningham into the team would spur Stewart’s performance as the duo can play-make for the offence. 

Jalen Suggs (Orlando Magic)

The Orlando Magic freshman led his team to a national title game while averaging 29 minutes of play, including the following stats; 14.4 points, five rebounds, 4.5 assists and two steals as a consensus all-American. Jalen can play both sides of the ball and also plays up-tempo just the way NBA loves players to play. He is likely to start as PG for the Orlando Magic this coming season considering his leadership qualities. In addition, he barely picks up an injury which is an excellent indication that he will have a great career.

According to reports, Jalen Suggs is tipped to be in the top list of 10-20 NBA players for the next ten years. Jalen performed excellently during his high school days, leading his team to a state championship in his junior year while runner-up in his senior year. Imagine Jalen Suggs being given enough playing time to showcase his talents and leadership qualities; he would become a slam dunk breakout in the coming season. All this can make him a suitable selection for fantasy sleepers for the 2021-2022 season. It is high time to get him at a discount in drafts with his promising potential.

Jalen Johnson (Atlanta Hawks)

Jalen Johnson plays for the Atlanta Hawks, who played with fearlessness in last year’s playoff run. He is a super athlete that embodies strength of mind. Jalen might be the actual steal of the 2021 draft in the Summer League. Johnson is expected to start most of his games off the bench because he is young. But he could make a firm choice off the bench in the coming season because he is full throttle on defence and offence.

Jalen averaged 28minutes per game, making roughly 19 points, ten rebounds and one block percentage. All Jalen Johnson needs to be a breakout for the fantasy team in the coming season is enough playing time. Another reason for Jalen to perform well is that Atlantic Hawks allow their youth players to play during the season. He is worth the gamble if you would ask me, considering his talent at this level.


As the new NBA is fast approaching, you would want to select your promising fantasy team for the season. Reviewed above are some of the excellent fantasy sleepers for the upcoming season. These players have huge potential of turning their season around and making good points when provided with enough minutes to play.