Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Danny Green returned to the Philadelphia 76ers for another two years, and he will continue to offer guidance to the younger players of the squad.

The veteran swingman was asked about the situation revolving around Ben Simmons, and how the promising point-forward should ‘reidentify himself’ regardless of his future with the 76ers organization.

(via NBC Sports Philadelphia):

“I usually use that advice for people that get traded, because we all hate to move as adults regardless,” he said. “But people look at it as a bad thing, being traded. I think you’ve got to look at the positives. Another team wants you, and there’s an opportunity for you to kind of reinvent yourself, reidentify yourself,” Green said.

“And that’s maybe why you hear the rumors of him wanting to go somewhere else or the team wanting to move him. Maybe he felt like he couldn’t reidentify himself here; he could do it better in another city. But that’s not always true.

You can do that in the city that you play in. You can come back a different player. You have more time off this summer to work on some things, reset your mindset, reset yourself and hopefully come back a stronger player or different player. That would be my advice to him, of course.”

The Sixers are reportedly looking for ways to move Simmons after his disappointing outing in the Eastern Conference playoffs vs. the Atlanta Hawks.