Former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion and number 1 in the UFC welterweight rankings Colby Covington again slammed the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

The American professional mixed martial artist was critical of the four-time NBA champions for his public stance on social and political issues.

“Just a big hypocrite,” Covington said when asked by Daily Wire sports reporter Joe Morgan about his thoughts on James. “He talks about his two biggest things he loves to talk about equality and justice. Where’s the equality of employing women in Chinese sweatshops to make your merchandise for millions of dollars while they’re making pennies? Where’s the equality in that?

“Where’s the justice in critiquing the greatest country on God’s green Earth America but not talking about Hong Kong, not talking about the Uyghurs in China? He stays silent on everything in China because he’s a Chinese puppet master.”

Covington was also critical of LeBron’s charity, including his “I Promise School”. “I know firsthand when you’re making a lot of money, you need tax write-offs and these schools, these charities, yeah he wants to look like a good guy on camera like he’s doing good for the people. This is just a tax write-off, man, for his billion dollar business. He needs this so he can keep all that cash in the bank. It’s not this charitable nice guy that everybody thinks ‘LeBron he’s giving back to the kids’, no he’s doing that just to get a tax write-off and keep more money in the bank.”

Covington took shots at James in the past via social media. Once, he even claimed he would destroy the Lakers star in a fight.