Being initiated into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame solidifies NBA legendary status. Created in Springfield, Massachusetts, the Hall honors and celebrates the game’s greatest moments and brightest stars.

With 300 members enshrined, each year visitors travel from all over the country to tour the 40,000 square foot attraction. But, which state in America is home to the most Hall of Famers? BetUS took to find out.

Most Successful States at Producing NBA Hall of Famers

RankStateAmount of Hall of Famers 
1.New York24
7.North Carolina6
11.New Jersey5
17.West Virginia3

BetUS totalled up how many NBA Hall of Fame stars were born in each state. New York babies have a special talent for the game, leading with a whopping 24 members. 

New York

Basketball’s greatest ever player Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009, Jordan put his name on the map by leading the Chicago Bulls to six National Basketball Association championships and earning the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award five times. Now Chairman of the Charlotte Hornets, Jordan’s net worth is estimated at 1.6 billion.

Another icon born in New York is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was enshrined 1995, 6 years after he retired. The 7-foot-2-inch cerebral center established himself as one of the game’s most talented and recognizable figures and his trademark skyhook was so precise that he left defenders helpless. 


One of the most recognisable NBA players born in California is Reggie Miller, who in the 1984–85 NCAA season he helped the UCLA Bruins to an NIT championship. Miller was elected Indiana Pacers – who he played for all 18 years of his NBA career and became best known for his iconic three-point shooting.

Bill Walton is another note-worthy basketball Hall of Famer from Cali, having led UCLA to undefeated seasons in 1971-72 and 1972-73. Walton went on to become the only player to have won an NBA Finals MVP, Sixth Man Award, and regular season MVP.


Unforgettable LA Lakers player Kobe Bryant was born in the city of Philadelphia. Known as one of the best players in basketball history, the Lakers player was officially inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2020 in May 2021.

Wilt Chamberlain was also born in Philly Chamberlain’s skills were so far beyond his competitors that rule changes were enacted to harness his awesome abilities. When Chamberlain left the NBA in 1973, he had won two championships: one with the Philadelphia 76ers and one with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Class of 2021 enshrinement will be held in September and include nine honourees: Rick Adelman (b. California), Chris Bosh (b. Texas), Bill Russell (b. Louisiana), Paul Pierce (b. California), Ben Wallace (b. Alabama), Jay Wright (b. Pennsylvania), Yolanda Griffith (b. Illinois) and Lauren Jackson (b. Australia). The event will bring California two players closer to New York, but still no where near to being the reigning state of ballers!