Lou Williams had a team-high 22 points in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals as the Atlanta Hawks tied the series against the Milwaukee Bucks at 2-2. In addition, he had 5 rebounds and 8 assists.

After the game, he talked about his team’s mentality this season. “Once I had the opportunity to get around these guys, get around the organization, get a good feel on what was going on around here, I felt like there could be a great potential there,” the 34-year-old guard, who contemplated retirement after getting traded to Atlanta, said.

“But one thing that’s been steady since I’ve been here, this team is always confident in their abilities. And that showed throughout the playoffs.

We’re enjoying the ride. We feel like we deserve to be here, we’ve earned a right to be here and at the same time we’re enjoying it. Did I look ahead and say we can be a championship contender day 1? Probably not. We’re two wins away like everybody else and feel good about it.”