Photo: David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA playoffs for 2021 began on May 22nd with the 16 teams playing four rounds on a best of seven games basis.

Based on the start of the play-offs here are 10 interesting facts about the teams and players involved, although, whilst waiting for games to start, fans might want to consider visiting one of the online casinos listed here.

  1. Defensive ratio

In terns of defense, Milwaukee leads the way with 103.6 points conceded per 100 possessions, followed by the Phoenix Suns with 104.1.

  1. Three Point Shooting

The Brooklyn Nets have the best 3-point shooting record, with a 43.2% success ratio, despite the fact that they are only 8th out of 16 when it comes to attempts per 100 possessions. They are followed by the Portland Trail Blazers with q 40% success rate.

  1. Offensive ratio

Given that stat, it is no surprise that Brooklyn have the best offensive ratio of 125.8 points scored per 100 possessions. In fact, only three other teams have managed in excess of the 120 mark – the Utah Jazz, Portland, and the Denver nuggets. The quartet are easily the most efficient of the play-off teams so far.

  1. Offense v Defense Differential

In terms of the differential between points scored and conceded the Philadelphia 76ers lead the way.

Their starting quintet of Ben Simmons, Danny Green, Joel Embiid, Seth Curry and Tobias Harris have  net rating of 38.8 being, on average, 144.2 points scored on offense and 105.4 conceded ion defense. There are only three franchises whose one quarters are above the net 30 mark.

  1. Clearances

One of the reasons for Brooklyn’s success in the play-offs has been their ability to clear the basketball from under their own net, It is the only team in the NBA play-offs in whose offensive schemes the clearing has a weighting above 20%. 

  1. Passes

Philadelphia leads the way in passes with 303.2 passes per game, and they also top the charts in average assists. 

  1. Clutch

In terms of the ability to perform under pressure, in clutch games, Denver leads the ways, have won all their clutch games with Portland, As a consequence of the 3 – 0 score line, the Blazers ranked as the worst team according to this criteria.

  1. Catch and Shoot

Joe Harris of the Nets is the catch and shoot specialist, with an average of 5.9 per game, and a conversion rate of 58.5%. Marcus Smart of the Brooklyn Celtics and Jae Crowder of the Phoenix Suns are both ahead of him in attempts, but neither can match his efficiency with the ball in his hands.

  1. Rim Protector

Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela leads the way when it comes to rim protection. Not only is he 4th when it comes to shots defended from 1.8 meters or less from the rim, but he drops the accuracy of rivals by an impressive 11%. 

  1. Possessions at the Post

Joel Embiid of Philadelphia is in a class of his own when it comes to points in possession. He scores 11.4 points per game on average, with 80.8 shooting from the field. Only Kevin Durant of the Nets and  teammate Tobias Harris are worth mentioning in the same conversation.