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Skip Bayless says Kawhi Leonard is not happy with Clippers’ medical staff

Kawhi Leonard
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Kawhi Leonard saw the Los Angeles Clippers claim their first Conference Finals’ win in the history of the franchise on Thursday. The Clippers’ superstar was out, and this time, he wasn’t sitting with his team either.

Leonard was notably up in a suite, watching the game with his family. Leonard has missed the last five playoff games with a knee injury, however that was the first time he did not sit in the bench.

This change was obvious, and according to Skip Bayless, Leonard has taken issue with how the Clippers have handled his knee injury.

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“I have been told by a very good source that the first issue became Kawhi was unhappy with the Clippers medical staff because he felt they early on misdiagnosed and underplayed the extent of this knee injury. What does that smack of? San Antonio all over again,” Bayless said.

“Kawhi Leonard is his own man, we know this. Once he gets a little sideways with medical staff, he’s going to pull away. He’s going to go to this doctor and that physical therapist, away from the team.”

“Why is it that the team keeps saying ‘We’re not sure’ from game-to-game? They won’t rule him out. I think they’re just not communicating at all with him so they’re not sure what’s going on with him.”

UNDISPUTED - Skip: "Kawhi is unhappy with the Clippers medical staff"
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