Kobe Bryant
Photo by Ramiro Pianarosa on Unsplash

As established basketball players advance through the NBA each year, setting and breaking records, there is still quite strong competition in order to be named one of the best NBA players of all times. Also, basketball players have inspired many video and casino games such as Slot Dunk, Basketbull, Money Shot and many more as mentioned by https://gameseek.co.uk/.

Who are the top players in the basketball scene over the years? 

Julius Erving

Dr. J., as Julius Erving is often referred to, was one of the best players in the American Basketball League before it merged with the NBA. Throughout his 16years of NBA play, he was part of a team of stars. Erving is the 20th player in the NBA in our list of the best players of all time.

Kevin Durant

Since joining the NBA in 2007, Kevin Durant has progressed to being one of the best players in the NBA nowadays. While he was competing for Golden State Warriors, Durant took his team to two NBA championships, winning MVPs in both finals. Today he plays for the Brooklyn Nets and has an average of 26 points per game throughout his career.

Stephen Curry

Curry is a three-time champion and is known as one of the best modern basketball players. Throughout his amazing career, he has been named in NBA All-Star Games 6 times. His precise shots have earned him a reputation as one of the NBA’s top scorers. He has also won an MBA title for the NBA twice.

Shaquille O’Neill

Shack, as he is affectionately called, is one of the most influential players in the modern age. Shaquille O’Neal’s legacy in basketball history cannot be forgotten. The former basketball star, who won four NBA championships and was voted 3 times MBA MVP, averaged 23.7 points per game in his 19-year career. 

Charles Barkley

Barkley’s dominance at the field is exceptional. He has not won an NBA championship, but he received one NBA MVP award and was an All Star eleven times. The average points per game for Barkley are 22.1. Sir Charles as he is called by basketball fans is one of the most precise NBA players. 

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has retired at the end of 2018 – 20190 NBA season. He had an amazing NBA career for 16 years and is one of the best scorers for the Miami Heats of all times. He has an average of 22 points per game as well as an average of 4.7 rebounds and 5.4 assists.

Kobe Bryant

One of the best players of all time, The “Black Mamba” had a very successful 20 year career. During his very fruitful career, Kobe Byrant won the NBA 5 times, the NBA MVP finals two times and got one NBA MVP. A tragic accident ended his life in early 2020.

Magic Johnson

True to his name, Magic Johnson performed magic while on the field. He has won the NBA five times and has been nominated for the NBA MVP three times. He has been named MVP of the NBA Finals three times. He has been on the NBA All-Star Team 12 times. He averaged 19.5 points per game in his career.

LeBron James

Ever since LeBron James was a high school athlete, he has amazed fans with his exceptional skills and unique style of play. King James, as he is called, has won the NBA three times and has been nominated for an NBA MVP four times. LeBron James is the leading contender for the title of the greatest NBA player of all time.

Michael Jordan

Without a doubt, one of the best basketball players in the world, Michael Jordan’s career in the NBA is one of the most successful in history. Although he and LeBron James have fought each other in many NBA stats, the fact that Jordan has won six consecutive NBA championships is a testament to his overall superiority for the title of best basketball player ever. Jordan is a 5-time NBA MVP and 14-time NBA All-star. He averaged 30.1 points in his 14-year NBA career.

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