Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic plans to sign a supermax extension this offseason, but his poor relationship with some members of the front office may put his long-term status in jeopardy.

Despite this news reported by Tim Cato and Sam Amick of The Athletic, the two also note that Doncic “has a healthy relationship with the Mavericks organization at large.”

Haralabos Voulgaris, a former sports gambler who was hired by the Mavericks in 2018 as director of quantitative research and development, has become the “most influential” voice in the front office.

“Mark Cuban is the most powerful person in the organization,” a team source told The Athletic, “but whoever he’s listening to is second.”

Voulgaris has had a say in playing style, draft picks, roster moves, lineups and rotations over the past three years.

His impact in the organization also includes a “strained” relationship with Doncic.

Back in February, Doncic snapped at Voulgaris after he reacted to a turnover.

Doncic told Voulgaris “Don’t f–king tell me to calm down” after he interpreted a gesture as Voulgaris telling him to do so.

Voulgaris said that the gesture wasn’t intended for only Doncic, but the incident only worsened the relationship between the two.

Then in April, Doncic told teammates that Voulgaris was “quitting on them” after he left a loss to the New York Knicks early.

Voulgaris’ contract with the team expires this summer and it seems more likely that he’ll leave the franchise rather than stay in any capacity, according to The Athletic.

The Mavericks are in need of a roster upgrade to help make them a championship contender and ensure that Doncic, 22, will stay after his upcoming contract extension.