Photo: Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group

A viral exchange took place on Instagram REELS over the weekend between rapper Drake and Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson.  

The video shows Drake taking to Instagram Reels to create a side-by-side reenactment of Thompson’s Instagram Live session where the all-star forward rapped along to Drake lyrics and reminisced about his last time playing in the NBA Finals, while driving a boat.

During the video Klay, goes on to playfully reference the beef the two of them had during the 2019 NBA Finals, before eventually congratulating Drake on being named Billboard’s Artist of the Decade, as only Klay Thompson can. 

The video has already earned a massive response from Klay’s 2019 Warriors teammates, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant as well as other notable figures including Ayesha Curry, Kevin Hart, PJ Tucker, Deandre Ayton, Jerry Lorenzo, and more.