LeBron James
Photo: essentiallysports.com

Former football player and former police officer Brandon Tatum blasted Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James for leaving the court early in Game 5 of the first round series against the Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers were down by 30 points at the half time and were unable to make a come back in that game. With a little less than 6 minutes left to play in the fourth quarter James walked to the locker room while his teammates kept playing.

“Soft. I’m not going to criticize the athletic ability. Stevie Wonder can see that LeBron James has the ability to be a great basketball player. The other stuff is what makes me not like him,” Tatum said in his recent video.

“Being ignorant to things you do not understand and coming out on TV trying to be an activist. You need to be an activist to your ball game. Y’all just got knocked out by the Phoenix Suns. I’m now going to be a Phoenix Suns fan just because they knocked off LeBron James little crybaby self.

“Every time you see LeBron James he flopping on the ground, he getting carried off the thing over ingrown toenail, he getting carried out the thing. I don’t like him. I just don’t like the way he presents himself. That’s just my thing as a basketball player to do this cold. He’s talented, he’s a great basketball player. He probably will go down in history when you talk about athleticism. He’ll go down in the history as one of the best basketball players. Nowhere near Jordan mind you.

“Walking off the floor with five minutes and 40-some seconds left. You got to be a scrub. You got to be the wackiest dude in the league for you to walk off on your team. What does this mean? You are not a role model for young athletes when you do this… There’s no scenario you walk out on your team bro. You don’t do this.”