Magic Johnson Lakers 2
Photo: Damian Dovarganes/Associated Press

Lakers legend Magic Johnson offered his input into what went wrong for the defending champions in the Game 6 loss against the Phoenix Suns. The five-time NBA champion pointed at three things that his former team did wrong.

“The Lakers did 3 things wrong last night. 1) They waited until the 2nd half to start playing with passion and fire on both ends of the court, 2) waited too long to play the small team which actually fuelled their comeback to get within 10 of the Suns…” Johnson tweeted.

The last thing that the Lakers did wrong, according to Johnson, was waiting too long to double team Devin Booker who had game-high 47 points. “And 3) waited too late to double team Booker who ended up with 47. He had 18 points in the first quarter in Game 5 & ended up with 30. Last night he scored 22 in the 1st quarter & 33 by half. Why did the Lakers wait until the 2nd half of an elimination game to double team him????” Johnson added.