Frank Vogel

Actor Michael Rapaport weighed in on the Los Angeles Lakers first round elimination by the Phoenix Suns. According to him, the reigning NBA champions allowed LeBron James’ agency Klutch Sports to take over the team which was a problem. Currently, there are six Klutch Sports clients, including James and Anthony Davis, on the Lakers roster.

Rapaport also thinks that the Lakers need to clear their front office and fire head coach Frank Vogel if they were to succeed. “The Los Angeles Lakers need a deep deep front office cleaning,” he said on UNDISPUTED.

“Frankie V. Frankie “The Flunky” Vogel he needs to go. The Staples Center needs a deep cleaning. That ring that championship ring that they won in the Bubble we put that where the Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa homeruns are. There’s an asterisk next to that. They’re done, they’re cooked.”