LeBron James Lakers
Photo: lakersdaily.com

This Los Angeles Lakers team blew their last chance to win a championship after they were eliminated by the Phoenix Suns in the first round, says sports analyst Stephen A. Smith. According to him, next season there will plenty of great teams that will prevent the Lakers from winning a title.

“It’s over. It’s over because Klay Thompson is coming back and the Golden State Warriors will be coming,” Smith started his rant. “It’s over because Donovan Mitchell is bona fide superstar D-Wade 2.0 and the Utah Jazz might very well come out of the West. It’s over because Jokic is the man doing his thing. He’s about to win league MVP. Michael Porter has elevated with the absence of Jamal Murray and Jamal Murray is coming back.

“It’s over because Kyrie, KD and James Harden ain’t going nowhere in Brooklyn. It’s over because the Milwaukee Bucks have Giannis The Greek Freak. They have Jrue Holiday. They’ve got Khris Middleton, ok? It’s over because Joel Embiid won’t always be hurt. Ben Simmons ain’t going nowhere. Seth Curry and the rest of the crew at Philadelphia coached by Doc Rivers will have something to say.

“I gave you about 6 or 7 different reasons before I even brought father Tom, before I even brought injury prone Anthony Davis, before I even brought up the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers, not you Damian Woodie, no the competition, the Los Angeles Lakers did it to themselves.”

Smith proceeded by saying that quite a few Lakers players, except LeBron James, were not taking this season seriously enough after winning a championship last year which cost them a chance to repeat.