Nikola Mirotic FC Barcelona
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Nikola Mirotic had an excellent year with FC Barcelona in the EuroLeague leading the Catalans to the top seed of the regular season.

With Barcelona being among the top-4 teams of the EuroLeague as they are preparing to compete for the title in the competition’s Final-4, the Barca superstar was asked about missing the MVP award for the regular season.


“I feel blessed to be here,” said Mirotic, “My biggest goal coming here was to win the EuroLeague title. I am sitting here with people that have won many, I feel it should be my time also.

“…I didn’t lose anything, I am right where I want to be, represent Barcelona and play in the Final Four,” he continued replying to the question on Vasilije Micic winning the season MVP award over him.

“It would be nice to be the MVP, maybe for a few seconds. Nobody remembers those individual awards. They remember the team titles.”

Mirotic and Barcelona are getting ready to face Armani Milano for the EuroLeague’s Final-4 semi-final on Friday.