LeBron James
Photo: @kingjames/Instagram

The Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is in his 18th NBA season looking to win his fifth championship. The 36-year-old point-forward gave a perspective on his career so far comparing it to the legendary The Godfather movie trilogy. The star of the movie, Al Pacino, is one of LeBron’s favorite actors.

“I guess you could look at my career like The Godfather trilogy,” James said after the Lakers defeated the Pelicans to finish the regular season. “It’s been literally like a three-part movie. You go the first seven years, then the next seven years and then I got a couple of more years then you go to the final seven years. It’s literally like The Godfather trilogy to be honest.

“Every obstacle that I’ve had, every challenge that I’ve had, every moment that I’ve had has shaped me to who I am today in year 18. Having the rivalry that we have with Golden State and those years we played four straight years in the finals shaped a part of my career.

“I’ve had some battles versus a lot of greats. You look at three of the greatest players to ever play the game just went into the Hall of Fame and I had battles with all three of them. Obviously, my battles with Timmy [Duncan] in the finals, my battles with KG [Kevin Garnett] in the East trying to get to the finals and obviously my battles in the regular season with Kob’ [Bryant] every time we play in our two games per year.

“I’ve had a lot of battles and a lot things that shaped me to who I am today. And I appreciate it and I’ve not taken any one of those moments for granted.”