Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

FC Bayern Munich fought hard in the EuroLeague quarterfinal against Olimpia Milano as they pushed the series in a Game 5 after falling behind 2-0.

Bayern’s head coach Andrea Trinchieri talked on the games vs. Milano, the way his team fought back after a disheartening Game 1 loss, and explained how, in his opinion, the German side actually “won” the series despite facing adversity.

“The first game that we lost could kill any team in the world. It could kill an elephant. The biggest success was going there to play Game 5, after that loss. Basically, we won the game. Only one play was not executed in a proper way. This happens, we are human beings,” Trinchieri explained (hat tip to Eurohoops).

“We were a bit so and so in the second game, but still we fought. Usually, you lose by 30 in game two, it’s always like that if you look at the history (of the playoffs). So, in my opinion, we won the series 3-1.”

“… For how we played, we deserved the respect and we deserved to go to the Final Four. This is enough to survive,” Trinchieri concluded.