Anthony Davis, LeBron James
Photo: Getty Images

The return of LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers roster was marked by a loss to the Sacramento Kings. Despite the loss, Anthony Davis, who was the top scorer for the reigning NBA champions with 22 points, thinks his team will be fine.

“Guys are still trying to get back to playing with myself, playing with Bron,” AD said postgame. “This is Dre’s [Andre Drummond’s] first game with Bron, no practices. Me and Dre still had one practice now that Bron’s back. Dennis kind of slots to that two-guard even though he is shorter.

“For the past 7 or 6 weeks when Bron was out he was the primary ball handler. Now Bron’s come back, his role changes. Just trying to adjust and get used to each other again.

“We’re going to figure it out, it’s going to be fine. No one is their head down or kind of sad because we’re losing games or anything like that. We know we’re going to be fine. It’s an adjustment period getting the guys back, figuring out their roles again.”