Former Dutch center Geert Hammink saw different basketball fans in Europe as he played in several different countries, Greece and Germany for the most part. According to him, the atmosphere created by European basketball fans is special.

“They were incredibly crazy and I mean crazy in a positive sense,” Hammink recalled on the newest episode of 1-ON-1 with Basketball Network. “You know, I remember games with either three of the teams that I played with, where you come an hour and half before the game and there’s an entire section already packed with fans singing, jumping, dancing. They are singing these orchestrated, synchronized war songs, it’s beautiful.

“So you walk in the gym and you have goosebumps. And then you go taped and changed and you come out to get your pre-game shots up and they’re still doing the exact same things. Then the game starts and they do it throughout the game, then you go take a shower and get dressed and they’re still there. I mean it’s amazing.”